Setai South Beach Miami


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With Miami’s reputation for being an “international city”, Setai South Beach Miami is one hotel that ascribes and adds spice to that reputation, with its integration of Zen-inspired design directives gilded into the hotel’s interiors and overall architectural theme.

A stone throw’s away from some of Miami’s endearing and popular dining venues, Setai Hotel South Beach Miami’s featured amenities would includes its pool and its in-house gym, along with its featured selection of menu varieties and options available for its guests’ consumption.

Its pool is as gorgeous as the beach is, and its refreshing Zen-like ambiance adds more fine quality in the ideals of relaxation and “taking a refreshing dip”.

Ideally located in Miami’s South Beach area, Setai South Beach Miami is the perfect hotel for guests who have a penchant for the nightlife, or guests who are intent in experiencing the ultimate clubbing experience Miami is known to boast. With the full services of a concierge, reservations to restaurants are easily done with the help of Setai South Beach Miami’s staff, whose recommendations and suggestions for various activities is also a credit to the hotel’s take on service quality and customer satisfaction.

From suggestions over where the best salon is, or recommendations to where the best place for lobster specials are at, Setai South Beach Miami’s personnel can readily give solid and dependable recommendations.

Its breakfast buffet is also worthy of mention as a Setai South Beach Miami highlight, one which is known to leave guests never wanting to leave at all.

But as impressive its service staff and as wonderful as its breakfast buffet features are, Setai South Beach Miami is NOT the best hotel for those who are into shopping, given the fact that is location is far from where Miami’s biggest malls are. But this doesn’t come as a deal breaker for Setai South Beach Miami, since it is often dubbed as the “lesser-expensive Delano”, given its luxurious amenities and service features that aren’t as steeply priced as its often-compared-against hotel.

Though Setai South Beach Miami is not exactly for the “fun” crowd, those whose ideals of fine quality involves relaxing moods in cool calm spaces will find it to be the best venue to relax, without spending as much as other hotels rate their pricing terms.

With Setai South Beach Miami’s spacious penthouses and apartments, which don’t skimp on much valued space, it truly does live up to its “lesser-expensive Delano” title, one which comes as a welcome advantage to visitors to Miami.