Beautiful women often enjoy playing games and keeping you guessing about what they are thinking about but they prefer certainty and advanced notice when it comes to planning out their schedules.

Miami Dolls Escorts highly recommends making a reservation in advance for all of the same reasons you would call a busy restaurant to make a reservation. A reservation is your ticket to guaranteeing you get a VIP escort of your choice rather than “settling” for what’s available.

Making a reservation in advance helps to make sure that your date goes off smoothly. We guarantee your date will arrive on time and will be the exact escort model of your choosing not your second or third choice.

It is worth noting that our most beautiful and popular escorts are often booked up well in advance so if you have your heart set on one lady in particular make sure you call us in advance to make a reservation.

Booking An Escort On Short Notice

However, if you are the last minute type have no fear we will always try our best to accommodate you on short notice even though we strongly suggest making an advance reservation. A reservation takes all the guess work out of your dating experience and allows you to relax knowing everything is already set up well in advance.

If you do not make an advance reservation our general rule is it will take a girl up to 30 minutes to get ready for your date and then add on the driving time to your location from our location in downtown Miami.

It takes almost an hour to get food delivered when you order so please be realistic if you are calling us last minute to arrange a date with one of our models. We will bend over backwards to make you a happy client and will provide you with a time estimate when you call.

Having said all that we still suggest an advanced reservation so you will know exactly when your date will arrive.

New Customers Need Deposit To Guaranty Booking

Currently, we accept reservations up to 3 weeks in advance. New customers are required to make a 20% deposit via Visa or Mastercard to guaranty your reservation. Regular clients are not required to make this deposit.

The deposit will only be a hold on your credit card for authorization purposes only and will not appear on your credit card statement should you choose to pay your donation in cash on the day of your date.

If you are a new customer and you do not want to use your credit card to make a deposit with us we will still book your advance reservation but we will not guaranty the reservation. If two customers attempt to reserve the same model for the same time slot the order will be filled on a first come first served basis.

In the case where the first reservation is not guaranteed but the second customer is willing to make a deposit preference will be given to the customer who makes the deposit.