Miami Escorts 101 – Understanding Escorts and Advertising


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Miami Escorts 101 – With the heavily competitive nature of the escort service industry, Miami escorts services, particularly the services of independent Miami escorts, have been the subject of a lot of criticisms, with most advertising strategies implemented by such service providers bordering towards being intentionally misleading and fraudulent.

From newspaper advertisements with photos of Miami escorts who look nothing like the real escort when met face to face, to online ads that announce “real deal” or “best value” price terms only to come out with hidden fees, here are some of the well known questionable advertising practices most escort service providers are known to adhere to.

The Classic “You don’t look anything like you do in your photo” Routine

As old as this advertising “trick” is, the bit is still up and about with many men still falling victim to its operational ins and outs.

Given that a beautiful woman does come as a big come on for men in search for the services of Miami escorts, independent Miami escorts are known to run advertisements with a beautiful woman as central visual graphics on newspapers, using models for their ads who don’t look anything like them, or using an old photo of them, taken from a time when they were much younger and way better looking than they do in the present.

Most men who get fooled by this classic tactic are prone to never admit that they’ve ever experienced anything like it, thus one of the reasons why it continues to go on.

Though the “trick” is often done by independent Miami escorts or escorts in other cities, a number of escort service agencies are also known to post photos of beautiful women as part of their agency’s escorts listing. Those who are drawn to the said agency because of the photos of beautiful women will come to learn that all those escorts are “unavailable”, with an alternative list of escorts open to take in clients being offered to them.

Needless to say, those “unavailable” Miami escorts are not actually real escorts who work for the agency.

The “Hidden Fee” Angle 

Questionable Miami escort service providers are also prone to post “top dollar” service fees on their ads, which results to a number of clients knocking at their doors.

Clients, from there, would then learn about the hidden fees not mentioned in advertisements, with only the base fee being announce, sans other costs involved such as travel fare compensation.

When it comes to such advertising tactics, a number of Miami escorts service providers are known to cheat clients, and being wary of them stands to be a good move.