Who Calls the Shots with Miami Escorts?


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Many have come to ask the question about who makes decisions when out with Miami escorts.

Does the escort hold all the reigns when decisions over where to go? Or does the client make all the decisions over what to do when with the company of Miami escorts?

As many have come to ask, the answer to the question is one which comes in many forms, but is ultimately resolved by one answer – you, as the client, calls all the shots.

Understanding the escorts industry dynamic

The priority of any escort is to give their client a good time as companions to various occasions, events or activities. With that as a “golden rule”, the satisfaction and comfort of a client is important for a Miami escorts to do his or her job, in ensuring that expectations are met, and that the time they’ve spent together is worthwhile.

After all, no one wants to do something he or she doesn’t want to, even if under the pretext of being adventurous or daring.

In most cases, a Miami escort’s client would already have planned something out during the time they’ll be spending with them, not prone to work on the “let’s cross the bridge when we get there” norm.

However, there are cases when the input of a Miami escort is necessary, which stands to be the root of the question asking who calls the shots when out with Miami escorts.

Escorts as Guides

When a client hires an escort not only for his or her looks but also as a guide, Miami escorts have a say over where to go, but in no way does this mean that a client is bound to comply.

Ideally, a Miami escort should give a client choices over where he or she would want to go, given the fact that it is the client who should be comfortable and content in the scenario. A good escort would be quick in identifying venues which stand to be acceptable for a client, with clients making the call over which place to go.

Escorts as Activity Companions 

As attractive escorts are also hired as activity companions, a good escort would be quick in jotting down activities which would interest his or her client, making the most of the time they spend together.

A client doesn’t have to go parasailing just because an escort wants to, not does a client have to go waterskiing just because his or her escort likes the activity.

An escort can simply suggest activities as it is the client who ultimately decides which he or she wants to do.

As all escorts are aware of what their professional priorities are, there are a number of escorts who tend to forget that it is their clients’ comfort that takes place over theirs. When a client is faced with such an escort, it pays to remember that it is the client who calls the shots, and n