When with Escorts in Miami 101 – The Club Scene


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With Miami’s nightlife scene often pegged to be truly distinct and unique, there is no reason why you and your escorts in Miami can’t dance the night away in one of Miami’s trendiest and most happening clubs.

From taking on the freshest and newest of venues, to dropping by Miami’s more legendary clubs and nighttime entertainment hubs, you can make the most of the time you spend with your escort in any of Miami’s popular bars and dancing venues, partying all night like there is no tomorrow.

Here are some of the best nightclubs one could ever get to encounter in Miami.

Cameo – Famed for its international roster of superstar DJ’s, the Cameo is the place to be if dancing with your escort is what you have in mind.

Considered to be a legend within the ranks of Miami’s clubs and party venues, the Cameo’s dance floor is ascribed to be the source of inspiration where other night clubs base their dance floor layouts on, a credit to the club’s innovative approach in satisfying their customers.

Also known for their choice selection of live performers, the Cameo is not just a place where dancing takes center stage, but is also a venue where world class live band performances can be experienced and embraced, making it both a dancing and music venue all in one.

LIV Nightclub – Often dubbed as the “Las Vegas in Miami”, the LIV Nightclub is the place to be for those whose ideals of clubbing is matched with rich interior designs and the opulence of the bygone Victorian Era.

Nestled within one of Miami’s legendary hotels, the LIV Nightclub is located in the Fontainebleau Hotel, standing as a “reverse complement” to the hotel’s historic standing in Miami’s entertainment circuit, with the new and modern spins and mixes of its DJ’s being among its main attractions.

Nikki Beach – As partying on the beach is a Miami trademark in itself, Nikki Beach is the place to be for those with a penchant for partying under cool clear skies, surrounded by the calming sounds of the beach.

Also famed for its take on quality meals and showcased seafood selections, Nikki Beach is also the perfect place where Miami’s fabled culinary haven title is given emphasis and focus, one where visitors can readily lounge and simply relax.

With countless celebrities known to regularly drop by, Nikki Beach is certainly one place where you and your escorts in Miami can have a great time with each other’s company.