What is the best luxury hotel in Miami?


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With more than a handful of available luxury hotel options in Miami, many have come to ask the question, what is the best luxury hotel in Miami?

With Miami’s well-established reputation as one of the world’s most frequented tourist destinations, different Miami-based hotels have come to rise over the challenges which have pegged other hotels as inferior or substandard.

Within the ranks of these hotels, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach remains to be one of the best, if not the best, luxury hotel in Miami.


The Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Where the ideals of luxury are made more real 

Officially opening its doors in 1954, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach stands to be one of the historical hotels on Miami Beach, with its architectural story also bearing significance in the architecture field.

Having successfully combined technology, beauty and art into one, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach also combines the “Golden Era” glamour with modern technology, glued together by the reinvented and updated architectural vision of Morris Lapidus.

Cutting no slack in all its featured amenities, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is also at its peak with there superior service standards are being talked about, with its take on personalized service being a Fontainebleau Miami Beach feature on its own.

With 1,504 luxurious guestrooms, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach highlights deluxe suite options, along with penthouse suites and three-bedroom suite accommodations. Nestled on a 20 acre expanse, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach directly faces the Atlantic Ocean.

With 12 in-house dining venues and its famous Lapis, a 40,000 square foot spa, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach leaves no room for its guests to feel lacking.

Also featuring its for-business amenities, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach is also ascribed to be the business traveler’s hotel of choice, with its increased state-of-the-art conveniences for boardroom discussions or ample sized spaces for meetings and presentations.

Also featuring hotel organized watersport activities, access to the beach is direct in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and for those who fancy an engaging golf session, its location is quite near to a golf club. Its luxury cabanas are also worthy of mention, while the Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s poolscapes are a world of luxury on their own.

Since its opening in 1954, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach remains to be a class on its own where luxury accommodations are concerned, proudly standing in taking on the title of being Miami’s most elegant and most luxurious of hotels ever to be.