What is Miami Velvet Club?


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Also popularly referred to as Miami Velvet, many have come to ask the question, “What is Miami Velvet Club?” 

Given the venue’s standing in Miami’s clubbing and adult entertainment scene, the questions raised about Miami Velvet can be described as justifiable, as its popularity and infamy is gaining a steady following, with more and more becoming regulars.

In an effort to better understand why Miami Velvet Club is proving to be one of Miami’s on-the-rise clubs and party scenes, here’s a quick take in answering the question: What is Miami Velvet Club?

Miami Velvet – South Florida’s Favorite Swingers’ Club

Catering to the active and engaging lifestyles of swingers, Miami Velvet is hailed for being the largest Swingers Club in Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

Open four nights a week, Miami Velvet brings the respective fantasies of swingers to life, with hosted parties and monthly-themed events and showcases. As a unique nightlife entertainment venue for swingers, Miami Velvet stands to be the one place where swingers don’t have to let inhibitions get in the way of living out their fantasies.

Does it have in-house rules or membership terms? 

Though certainly not the first clubs of its class, Miami Velvet has gained a solid following, implementing a membership system designed for singles or for couples.

With its basic 3 month membership standard (for couples and for singles), its features and amenities would include member access to its lockers, towels, and access to its featured dance areas. A breakfast buffet is also a membership feature, with special treats being its steady highlight.

One nice rule in Miami Velvet is that it operates on a “bring your own drinks” system, with its bartenders and mixers more than happy to deliver the drinks of its customers to their linking.

This may sound strange, but it does afford members the added upside of not having to pay for exorbitantly priced drinks.

Are there specific in-house “swinger rules”?

Concerns pertaining to being required to be dressed or not, or issues related to the necessity of being involved in various activities which call for participation are not implemented in Miami Velvet.

Members can go in clothed or otherwise, and don’t necessarily have to participate in Miami Velvet’s featured activities, not unless a member wants to. Also, visitors don’t necessarily have to be with a partner in order to gain admittance, just as long as proper decorum in being respectful and friendly to others is maintained.

With strict rules in booting out anyone who proves to be a cause for discomfort, Miami Velvet Club stands to be one of Miami’s biggest and more famed of swingers venues ever to be.