What do Dating and Relationships Mean to you?


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Some may see dating and relationships as a way to socialize and meet people but if you are looking for someone as a potential partner then you better be on the look out and see if the person you are talking to has the same agenda as you.  If you are trying to be serious and yet the other person is not then you better look for someone else than waste your time.  Your purpose of dating is for you to find a suitable partner so don’t push yourself to someone who does not have the same thing in mind.

Dating can be considered a success if you achieved your goal, whatever they are.  Give yourself some time to ponder on things that matter to you most and how you view dating and relationships.  Dating may be a past time or “hobby” for others but what about you?  Do not concern yourself with what others might think, look at things with your own point of view.  Other people are not the ones that will be spending the rest of their lives with then one you must choose.  You are the one who will spend the remaining days of your life with that person and so you must consider things carefully.