Topless Miley Cyrus photo causes a stir


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A topless photo of Miley Cyrus has taken up a quite a storm recently, one which has been the cause of significant confusion among avid Miley Cyrus fans.

Dubbed as a “stolen photo” and also described as an “accidental Tweet” by gossip makers, the said topless Miley Cyrus photo is actually nothing like what rumor makers and tabloid agencies have ascribed it to be, given the fact that it was actually taken from the “Client List” gallery of celebrity photographer Viat Mohindra.

How this topless Myley Cyrus photo became a short-lived “scandal photo” can be explained.

The “Accidental Tweet” Angle

Cyrus has recently made it a habit of Tweeting constantly, posting different pictures of herself. From photos of her just waking up to shots of her wearing something incredibly revealing, the revelation of the said “accidentally Tweeted” photo is pegged to have taken root from Cyrus’ obsessively Tweeting habit.

It’s that simple.

The “Mohindra’s Stash got Stolen” Angle

It is no secret that celebrity photographer Viat Mohindra and Cyrus share a close relationship, with Mohindra playing the pivotal role in documenting Cyrus’ Gypsy Heart Tour in 2011.

As such, when the said “stolen photo” of a topless Myley Cyrus came out, rumor makers were quick in saying it was stolen from Mohindra, given the number of photo ops and sessions the photographer had spent with Cyrus.

Rumor makers had even gone as far as making a back story of the photo, claiming that it was part of a series of images which Cyrus had planned on giving to her fiancée, Liam Hemsworth.

Though to say that the topless Myley Cyrus photo didn’t come from Mohindra would be wrong, since the photo was actually taken by Mohindra.

So where did the photo come from?

To be specific, the topless Myley Cyrus photo came from Mohindra’s website, in the part of the site where the photographer lists down who his past and present clients are.

It was not stolen from a series of images intended for Hemworth, and it was not accidentally Tweeted by Cyrus herself.

It is simply a photo taken from a photographer’s gallery of past and present clients.


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