Top 5 night clubs in Miami


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A trip to the hot Miami is never complete without jumping out and getting socialized among its top, glamorous, and most favored night clubs. To give you a glimpse of these top 5 night clubs, here is a detailed list just for you:

#1 – LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach

The winner of the top 5 night clubs in Miami has got to be LIV. Favored by locals and tourists from all over the world, LIV is a hotspot where the most gorgeous people clash in. With a very spacious ground that’s usually packed with the loudest crowd, LIV is known to host and launch parties with just some of the world’s best DJ’s – offering you hit music of house and hip-hop. LIV is conveniently located in Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

#2 – WALL at W South Beach

Despite its small area, the WALL of W Hotel and Residences is a top class night club that will surprise you with only the best crowd that you may ever think of. With a chance for you to wait in line alongside Hollywood celebrities such as Alber Elbaz and Paris Hilton, WALL will take you the South Beach experience that Miami lovers have always been so proud of.

#3 – Mynt

Featuring extreme exclusivity for all its customers, Mynt Lounge will take you to the crowd of the rich, gorgeous, and famous. Topped with world-renowned DJ celebrities, Mynt is the ultimate place if you’re seeking for a night of celebrity spotting; furthermore, a strict door policy is firmly imposed for the privacy and delight of all its wild, party goer guests.

#4 – Mokai Miami

If you’re looking for unique architecture with a Baccarat-inspired chandelier pit as well as state-of-the-art fireplace and modern fixtures, then Mokai of the South Beach Miami is the perfect spot for you! Known to be one of the hottest and most sought-after night clubs in the area, Mokai boasts a stunning showcase bar topped with a world-class DJ booth for the dance glamour of all its guests. If you’re up for some more class, Mokai is a top favourite of some of the most famous celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Lenny Kravitz, and the hot Tom Cruise.

#5 – Arkadia

Developed by the prime group behind Fontainebleau’s ever popular LIV, Arkadia is deluxe establishment known to be a classic spot that satisfies the thrill-seekers of the hot Miami. Featured with world-class DJ’s, Arkadia has been built with a luxurious sense of fashion and style designed by the famous Francois Frossard. As lively as LIV can be, Arkadia can bring you a new set of experience like no other.

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