Tips on how to book a cruise from Miami to Bahamas


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As popular as packaged or tour-cruise bundled trips are, the ins and outs in how to book a cruise from Miami to Bahamas is not something which everyone can do perfectly, just as how cruises are not vacations which suit everyone.

Having mentioned that, here are some tips on how to book a cruise from Miami to Bahamas, tips which keep cruise vacationers in mind in helping them pick out the right cruise from Miami to Bahamas for them.

Understanding the “Cost Facts” of Cruise Trips 

There may have been a time in the past when a cruise vacation would’ve significantly been cheaper when compared against a “land-based vacation”, but that cheaper cost aspect of cruises is not longer all that true today.

Though cruise trips did cost cheaper shortly after 9/11, their price now has gone back to their premium rated terms, and the overall cost involved in them is once again at their peak forms. One could argue that the thing that makes “land based vacations” expensive is the shopping and overspending on nightlife engagements, while details such as lodging and accommodations, entertainment options and food costs are already factored in with cruise trip package terms.

But as most cruise vacationers know, pre or post hotel lodging costs, shore travel/tours, souvenir buying, shopping excursions and the purchase of drinks are also known to be additional costs during cruises.

Looking into the potential added cost, apart from the slated inclusions of a Miami to Bahamas cruise would then come as a smart move to make when considering one’s options for such trips.

The Selection of Suites

Many make the mistake of focusing too much on the accommodations offered in cruises from Miami to Bahamas, with some actually making the choices of available suites being the primary reason for picking out a particular cruise.

Bear in mind that with cruise trips, there’s a chance that you’ll either be spending a lot of time inside your cabin or not, and knowing about where you intend to spend most of your time is a smart move than just going for the best suite rooms being offered.

The “Guarantee” Overselling involved in cruises

It is only natural for cruises to aim for the highest price sale of their cabins. One method which cruise operators are known to implement takes the form of “guarantees”, where vacationers are given priority over which cabin or state room they wish to have during a particular cruise.

For those set on cruses from Miami to Bahamas, understanding the added cost of a “guarantee” for a particular accommodation option bears merit in thinking about, since this would significantly affect one’s cruise experience and cost.

Essentially, you don’t have to book for a particular cabin or suite in a cruise to optimally enjoy it. In fact, it’s even suggested that you don’t opt for “guarantees”, since its added cost can be utilized for other expenses like shore travel/tours and extra added value in drinks during live performances during evenings.

Keep these tips in mind when you do book for a cruise trip from Miami to Bahamas, and you’ll surely be able to enjoy it without overspending.