The Top 10 Hotels in South Beach


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Top 10 Hotels in South Beach

South Beach, Miami is undoubtedly packed with wonderful beaches and stunning views that would surpass other places around the globe. This is one of the most visited cities in the whole world.  Every tourist and guest comes to Miami for a wonderful yet relaxing experience to unwind and chill out. However, any vacations wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a stay in the most prominent hotel.

To effectively achieve a total vacation package from sightseeing to accommodations, it is essential to know the top 10 hotels in South Beach to spend the rest of your momentous holiday:

Fontainebleau –  This hotel is definitely in the top 10 hotels in South Beach. A stay in this hotel will make you experience an exciting feeling as this hotel possesses an alluring atmosphere and a style of lagoon pool, a waterfall and grotto which makes Hollywood films adore.

W Hotel – The W hotel is has to be at the top of the top 10 hotels in South Beach list. The beautiful, modern interior designed lobby and one of the best pool area’s, close to all the activities in South Beach tends to be the reason why this hotel is award winning. A stay in W Hotel will probably make you feel like a super star.

Delano South Beach. This hotel is close to clubs and certain restaurants making it ideal for travelers that may prefer its features. With a rooftop spa and lobbies, great parties as well as Blue Sea Sushi Bar and Bianca Restaurant, guests will surely enjoy.

SLS Hotel. A brand new addition to the top 10 hotels in South Beach. This beautiful new hotel offers a boutique luxurious living with beautiful pool lounge and tasty restaurant.

Setai South Beach Hotel. Provides guest the finest in oceanfront lavishness with an outstanding place and better-quality service ensuring a total satisfactions.

Clevelander. One of the hottest spots in Miami Beach with pool surrounded by glass block and neon bars. The hotel has a sexy outdoor bar and has the highest liquor sales in town.

Loews Miami Beach Hotel. This is known to be one of the most popular Southern Beach hotels with six restaurants for fine dining and lounges to choose from. It is well located at the Miami Beach convention center. Aroma Espresso Bar just added a new flair when staying at the Loews.

Savoy Hotel. The pride of the hotel is their beautiful beach area close to the pool and bedroom suites with a serene design allowing every guest a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Richmond Hotel. Has an artistic style and it’s reminiscing the grand ocean liners with guest rooms featuring modern furnishings with favorable pricing.

Colony Hotel. This hotel is an ideal place for travelers who seek utmost fun and least sleep. It is recognized across the globe for its mostly photographed spots.

South Beach Miami is undeniably a beautiful place to visit, as it possesses wonderful views and sites that will make everyone amazed and appreciate the beauty of the world. There are much more then top 10 hotels in South Beach, Miami offers hundreds in places to stay including luxury condos and spectacular villas. Aside from that, the city also has lots of resorts to choose from where one can enjoy and experience high quality amenities and services for a total satisfaction.