The Best Sushi To Take Your Date in Miami


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When talking about the hunt for the freshest catch in Miami, the hunt does not always necessarily translate to longboats and fishing reels for deep sea fishing excursions. That hunt could also take shape in the search for the best sushi in Miami, with Miami’s established line of sushi bars and Japanese restaurants being endearing dining attractions.

Regardless if you plan to dine alone or with a companion, here’s a quick rundown touching up on where one can find the best sushi in Miami.

Sushi Samba – As odd as its name may sound, Sushi Samba has made a reputation out of combining traditional Japanese sushi with Peruvian seafood standards, a feat that stands to be a credit to Sushi Samba’s ingenious approach to sushi.

Nestled in the heart of Miami’s Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach, Sushi Samba showcases their chefs in the center of all the dicing and slicing, making trips to Sushi Samba a unique experience on its own.

Umami – Loosely translating to “savory”, Umami stands to be a family owned and operated restaurant that isn’t cheap when it comes to the delivery of menu highlights and specials.

With its hibachi chefs performing/cooking right in front of its clients, Umami’s take on quality dishes is merged with entertainment, making it not just a restaurant where hungers are sated, but also a place where wonders are awed.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant – With its name Akashi translating to “bright stone”, Akashi Japanese Restaurant features a full range of Japanese cuisine specials, all made with colorful variety in their presentation.

From sashimi to sushi platters, tempura dinners to shrimp teriyaki specials, Akashi Japanese Restaurant endears to be an enticing sushi venue. Its more well known highlight takes shape in its sushi boat that is best for three.

Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet – As a Japanese Seafood Buffet venue, Kyojin does its name justice, with its huge buffet table showcasing sashimi cuts, sushi specials and nigiri sushi variations.

Also showcasing sushi incarnations from Mexico and America, Kyojin also features its distinct takes on tempura and teriyaki, along with specials derived from mussels, shrimps, scallops and Alaskan snow crabs.

With its 120 foot buffet table, diners to Kyojin are truly welcomed to the ideals and ascribed standards of what a Japanese seafood buffet should be.

Sushi Rock Café – Though small in terms of its size, Sushi Rock Café has gained significant fame through its increasingly tasty selection of Japanese specials.

Affordable in its ascribed menu terms, Sushi Rock Café has long been described as a “crack in the wall”, but this description doesn’t do justice to the culinary wonders the venue is known to come up with, day in and day out.