Stewart & Pattinson Talking Again


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With an ongoing battle against who gets to keep their adopted pet being the most recent bit of gossip revolving around the Stewart and Pattinson break-up, reports from People note that the silence between the two stars had come to a pause, with both parties once again taking with each other – though not exactly in the most amicable of grounds.

Said to have sent a volley of text messages and calls to former beau, the 22-year old Stewart is reported to have been apologetic about the whole incident, even going as far taking on the “begging” role in a typical break-up scenario.

In contrast, a source reveals that the 26-year old Pattinson, in relation to the recent slew of messages and calls thrown towards him, is pretty much maintaining his stance over the entire affair, with the source quoted to say that “Rob just isn’t going to be able to get beyond the cheating, one time or not.”

The source also notes that Pattinson didn’t like the idea that he was the last person to know about Stewart’s “public apology”, and further shares that Pattinson was livid about the whole affair, cringing upon reading the said the actual “public apology” item.

Another source also shares that Pattinson did have his doubts about what was up with Stewart and “that director” before things went haywire, with the source saying that Pattinson noticed how Stewart was not as relaxed as she were about her phone during the time.

When asked what was going on, Stewart reportedly assured Pattinson that there was nothing going on, which turned out to be a big fat lie, leaving Pattinson “disgusted because he had a feeling about this director,” to-quote the said source.

From Stewart’s end, another source shares that Stewart has been distraught over the whole incident, saying that “Rob is all that matters to Kristen right now. She loves him so much. She’d do anything to be able to get through this and be together.”

Both Stewart and Pattinson gained international acclaim in co-starring in the “Twilight” series of movies, based after the books authored by Stephanie Mayer. “Twilight Saga” is up for release soon, and the current standing of the two celebrities remains to leave a lot of questions.