Some of the Don’ts in Adult Dating


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As with everything in this world, there are do’s and there are don’ts when it comes to adult dating.

Adult dating, as actively growing as it is, also has its set of do’s and don’ts, often ignored by dates, who are naturally let down and frustrated with their expectations.

If you feel that you’ve got a lot to learn about the adult dating scene, here are some of adult dating’s don’ts.

Don’t talk about Ex-es – in most cases, persons who find themselves in the adult dating scene are there because of a recent spat. Though this setup may come as ideal to parties concerned, it pays not to talk about ex-es, since this could drag your adult dating experience down.

Don’t gossip – though there is truth in the saying that everyone loves to gossip, it pays to stay clear from rumors and questionable talks, particularly when people are involved. Many have made the mistake of talking about someone, only to learn that that someone is someone whom his/her date knows, or worse, is the date herself/himself.

Don’t overdo with presents – this is quite easy enough to figure out. Overdoing with presents implies that you’re expecting something in return. Though this may not exactly be the case when you bring a gift to a date, the message could be misinterpreted, and could be the cause of misunderstandings.

Don’t be quick in telling political, racist or religious jokes – when still at the early stages of an adult dating relationship, don’t be too quick to share political, racist or religious jokes. Gain some insight over your date’s inclinations first, and find out if she/he as a healthy sense of humor.

Also, don’t share jokes which are just too crass to be even considered as funny.

Don’t pressure for sex – though it is understood that things are bound to get there, don’t be too eager to put pressure on sex when on a date. The adult dating arena is practically driven by sex drives, but if respect for partners is absent, then the whole exercise would end up being one riddled with confusing arguments.

Don’t play hard to get – as the counterbalance of not pressuring for sex, don’t be too much of a prude too. If the timing is right, and all bases are covered, consider your partner’s body language and how receptive he/she is.

Things will surely go smoothly from there.