Safety When Using an Escort Service


Escort services are quite rampant and accessible but you also need to know some of the safety tips when using them. Although there are legit escort agencies today, you still may potentially be victimized especially if you don’t take some necessary precautions. Using an escort service requires you to initially do your research especially when it comes to safety measures. How to safely access an escort service? Be anonymous. It’s the general rule of thumb. You can have a PO Box and use it for your transactions. These are provided through your State ID or Driver’s license. It is a much safer option instead of using your real and permanent home address in order to prevent prying eyes, nosey clients, and event possible stalker types that you would encounter. Escort Services and Money Issues Paying an escort service anonymously is made through cash and this is always a preferable mode of payment among clients and escorts. In fact, numerous escorts make it clear that they only do cash-basis transactions and nothing else. For escorts, cash payments could be tricky as there are bad clients that would pay bogus or counterfeit money. Check the bills first if they are legitimate and make sure you know how to efficiently do it. Other Anonymous Means of Payment  Nowadays, escort services are also becoming more flexible when it comes to payment transactions. Escort agencies may allow credit card payment but for clients to be extra safe with their business, make sure you only use prepaid credit cards or gift cards. PayPal is also a private and anonymous way of making or receiving payments. However, it is imperative that your PayPal account is not in any way linked to any of your credit cards or checking accounts that use your real billing address, name, and other contact details. Preload your PayPal account using your prepaid credit card. If you’re an escort and the client is unknown or unfamiliar, it is safe not to accept any gift cards as payment as they could turn out empty and you’ll have no way of knowing firsthand. Money Orders or checks are not preferable payments as they could be forged or payment is stopped. Safety Tips for Escorts when Emailing or On the Phone with Clients Escorts who are dealing with new customers or clients should never discuss their services or rates since it could be misinterpreted as a solicitation for prostitution. Prostitution is illegal and discussing sex acts or donation rates are clear signs of this act. You can have a personal website or ad that basically explains your services, including those that are available and those that you are not going to do or part of the deal. Escorts with hard limits should first and foremost explain to their clients in order to avoid any confusions or misunderstandings. Tell the client what your restrictions are, what your services would involve such as companionship or entertainment, how much the donation or cost of the service is and how long it will last. It’s imperative that you inform the client of some extra payments should he choose to go longer with your pre-discussed date. Safely Booking an In-call Clients and escorts alike should always maintain their privacy and anonymity. Escorts must make sure they do not make an in-call appointment to their home. Unless the client has trusted and reputable references from other escorts you can initially check with, accepting appointments in your home could significantly compromise your safety. Keep your house or apartment and doors locked all the time when you do in-call as there could be possible stalkers or crossers who will visit if you’re not home. it is safe to have a security system installed in your home especially in cases when an in-call goes bad and hitting the panic button is a must. Always emphasize that you don’t accept and appreciate drop-ins, making your client understand and respect your privacy and schedule. Safety Tips for Clients One of the most important things to consider when using an escort service is the reputation and reliability of the escort agency you choose. You can do your research online and find a reputable directory site for escorts. How do you know that it is the right site? You will find monthly posted ads instead of daily. Daily ads are basically cheap and that would attract lower-class escorts. Choose between an independent escort and escort agency. The good thing about escort agencies is that there is a certain consistency level from the escorts. You can also find agencies with bookers that offer recommendations based on your taste and preference. The letdown of an escort service agency is that you would have to pay more since the agency fee is also inclusive in the price. Narrow down your search and filter your search categories to find your perfect match. For instance, you can choose an escort with certain features that you like such as a blonde or brunette, mature, VIP, busty, and so on. Other search categories include the physical feature, height, and age. You can also choose if you want a date, a meet-up, or an all-night affair. Budget is King Hiring an escort service means you would be paying the escort for their companionship and service, depending on your pre-discussed transactions. Thus, make sure you have already decided on a budget before you make a call. Some escort service agencies require a fixed rate which may vary between $200 and $1,500, depending on the escort and the services you choose. You can click on an escort’s photo with her available information which may also include her price. There is no negotiating when it comes to escort rates because the listed price is the fixed price, no more and definitely no less. Using an escort service is absolutely a daunting and tricky venture thus you need to know the safety precautions before plunging into the deep. There are numerous legit escort agencies out there with trusted and confidential services, not to mention high-class escort models.