Miami Best Hotel for August 2012


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Miami Best Hotel for August 2012 – With its internationally famous reputation for being one of the happening tourist destinations in the world, it is no secret that the best of hotels and accommodation venues known to ever be can be found in Miami, FL, matched with the most beautiful of women, the most pristine of beaches, and the hottest of clubs and nightlife entertainment destinations.

If you happen to be on the lookout for the best of hotels in Miami, here’s a short list of Miami Best Hotel for August 2012. With these hotels located in the South Beach area, you’ll simply partake in a memorable trip that is going to be none like any other.

Fisher Island Club – as its name would already imply, Fisher Island Club is the place to be if that age-old island-isolation feel is what you are after. With first class amenities and its reputed take on service quality, Fisher Island Club affords its clients significant privacy to bask on the wonders of South Beach.

The Angler’s Boutique Resort – Don’t let the “boutique” in its name lead you to think its some upscale bed and breakfast accommodation venue for transients.

With it serene and relaxing atmosphere, the Angler’s Boutique Resort is a haven for those who wish to be far from the distracting hustle and bustle often encountered in the South Beach area, a resort that highlights personalized service like no other.

Eden Roc: A Renaissance Beach Resort and Spa – With an unmatched view of the ocean, Eden Rock is ideally located smack right on the beach, making it a place where travelers get to gaze upon pristine waters the moment they wake up.

Though considered to be far from the central district of the South Beach area, Eden Roc’s impressive services and amenities are more than enough to satisfy its customer’s entertainment and adventure needs.

Sense South Beach Hotel – Known for implementing its reasonable and realistic price terms, the 27 room Sense South Beach Hotel’s take on service and amenities are high standard on by their own.

Conveniently situated close to the beach, Sense South Beach Hotel is also far from South Beach’s actively loud and noisy districts, making it one unique venue where best value for money takes true form.

The Betsy Hotel – With its specious and elegantly furnished rooms, the Betsy Hotel stands to be one of the busiest hotels in the South Beach area, given that it is simply a stone’s throw away from the South Beach shore.

Its impressive services and amenities, matched with its ideal location, makes it perfect for impromptu activities, with no compromise on convenience and comfort for its guests.