LIV Night Club


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LIV Night Club – It is impossible to talk about Miami’s night club scene without talking about LIV Night Club, one of Miami’s infamous and famous nightlife entertainment destinations.

Located at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, LIV Night Club is a unique entity in Miami’s definitive nightlife landscape, gilded by the classic and historical allure of the Fontainebleau, yet driven by the standards of contemporary nightlife entertainment.

Combining the new with the old without that “out of place” feel, LIV Night Club continues to stand as one of Miami’s hottest and most happening nightclub venues.

The LIV at the Fontainebleau, Miami Beach

Regularly frequented by celebrities and stars, the LIV Night Club stands to offer the quintessential nightclub experience which has put Miami on the map, all happenening and experienced within its covered 18,000 square foot total area.

With guest and regular DJ’s and with its regularly held live band performances, the LIV Night Club’s location at the Fontainebleau has allowed the venue to fuse the attraction in exclusive high energy and lounge night clubs, setting it as the stage where ultimate nightclub experiences can take place.

With its distinct and striking decors and lavish interior architectural designs, the LIV Night Club’s seating and floor design gives ample access view to most of the venue’s space, allowing for a “voyeuristic” view in seeing its celebrity guests mingle in the crowd. As the affluence of exclusivity comes as an added perk for those in search for the ultimate nightclub experience, the LIV Night Club is one place where that exclusivity comes naturally.

LIV Night Club’s VIP tables and private skyboxes also comes as “granted wishes” for those who are more inclined towards intimate nightclub experiences. Showcasing impeccable service highlights, the dance floor view from the LIV Night Club’s VIP tables and/or private skyboxes is an added LIV Night Club feature on its own.

LIV Night Club also highlights full service bars – three of them – all well stocked and ready with an increasingly growing inventory of drinks.

Showcasing an eclectic variety of music formats, the LIV Night Club’s lavish dance floor continues to be the nightclub’s main attraction, falling in place with all which the LIV Night Club has to offer as an extraordinary nightlife party scene.

As it is impossible to talk about Miami’s nightlife scene without mentioning LIV, the LIV Night Club continues to be one of Miami’s definitive nightlife entertainment venues, one which shouldn’t be missed when within the bounds of Miami.