Lindsay Lohan’s take on Equality on “The Canyons”


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With her recent spot on the pages of Playboy Magazine, one would think that Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t be all that uncomfortable about bearing her assets when working on a project.

As it turns out, the 26 year old actress isn’t really all that okay with the idea of baring it all in front of a production crew, as revealed though an “odd request” during the shooting of “The Canyons”, a film starring Lohan that’s scheduled for release this 2013.

An insider source notes that while filming a topless scene for “The Canyons”, Lohan was reportedly not all that cool with a 10-man crew present on set. Her resolution: everyone present during the shoot had to strip down to their underwear while the film’s sex scene was being filmed.


With her request fulfilled, the said shooting went on without any incident, with everyone involved in the shoot going home as though it were just another day at the office.


“The Canyons”, as described by its director, Paul Schrader, is a thriller-genre film that touches up on “youth, glamour, sex and Los Angeles, circa 2012”. The reported request by Lohan is one of the bits of gossip which had ensued from the movie’s production, with Lohan’s spokesman Ste Hoing quoted to say that “What happens on the set of The Canyons stays on the set of The Canyons”.


With its script written by Bret Easton Ellis, “The Canyons” is positioned as a contemporary LA noir thriller, touching up on ambition and sexual obsession. It focuses on the lives of today’s 20-somethings, over how both sex and obsession have significant impact on professional and personal lives, thereby leading to cruel mind games, deceit and paranoia, ultimately leading to violence.


With Lohan, the film also stars Nolan Gerard Funk, and porn star James Deen, with the casting turning a lot of heads towards the movie’s way. The first trailer of the said film is noted for NOT featuring any of its top stars, and is said to have been produced to the tune of an investigative documentary.


It has been gaining significant traction, and promises to be one of 2013’s bigger hits.


(Image Source: Fox News)