Jazz Clubs and Female Escorts Miami


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With jazz’s endearing state as a musical genre, Miami is no stranger to its ascribed standards, defined by the continued rise of Jazz Clubs and live jazz performance venues sprawled all over the city.

Defined by its impromptu, non-predetermined start and end, a number of female escorts are known to be fond of Jazz Clubs and live jazz clubs or venues, given their upbeat vibrancy that is known to call about an enhanced state of excitement and adventure.

If you do find yourself with a beautiful escort hitting Miami’s nightlife scene, here are some of Miami’s fabled Jazz Clubs, venues where jazz’s sheer randomness would get to tease your senses.

The Casablanca Café – Combining live jazz performances with breathtaking views of the sea, the Casablanca Café stands to be one of the best places where you and your escort can easily lounge and relax to some vibrant tunes.

Also proudly standing as one of Miami’s respected dining destinations, the Casablanca Café combines all the makings which define memorable occasions, with good food and good music perfectly matching with good conversation with beautiful company.

Jazid – With an active history that spans for 14 years, Jazid continues to be one of Miami’s regularly frequented jazz venues, with new and old talents regularly performing on its stage.

Also known for highlighting fusion-inspired jazz pieces, Jazid holds its share of reggae-jazz talents, as well as performers who are adept with Latin-jass standards.

With nightly live performances, you can bring your escort to Jazid on any day, and be amazed with the fusion evolution of jazz happening right were you are.

Blue Jean Blues – Though not exactly a specialized jazz club, Blue Jean Blues’ Saturday nights is all about jazz and blues, with live performers taking on the stage with hot licks and cool beats.

A humble venue where dress codes aren’t really all that strict, Blue Jean Blues is the place to be with your escort, should you feel for something that’s not all that fancy, yet classy enough to sate your cravings for jazz.

Upstairs at the Van Dyke Café – Upstairs at the Van Dyke Café, as its name would already tell, is located right above the Van Dyke Café.

Gilded with its Victorian Era-inspired interiors, Upstairs at the Van Dyke Café is one exciting venue where you and your escort could be surrounded by music and visual themes of old, bringing in visions of cabaret performances which remain to be an endearing classic on their own.

With its intimate seating and table settings, you and your escort could readily get intimate, with the untouched pure sounds of jazz being your backdrop for the evening.