Is Drew Barrymore going to direct “The End”?


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Drew Barrymore stands to be one of the most internationally recognized faces in the world, as a fashion model and as a movie star.

Starting out on her celebrity career as a child model, Barrymore eventually made a name for herself as an actress, with a penchant for roles in love-comedy flicks which had stayed with her even with her “action-star” involvement in the “Charlie’s Angels” movie series.

She is also among the many actor-turned-directors, which says something about how talented and how busy Drew Barrymore is.

Recently, reports tell that Barrymore is pegged to take on the directorial duties of an upcoming apocalyptic-themed film entitled “The End”.

Written by Aron Eli Coleite, “The End” is readily ascribed to-be Warner Bros upcoming take on the whole 2012 end of the world conspiracy theory and tale, but is positioned by its writer as a “180 degree approach to the usual apocalypse scenario and instead focuses on several people as they reconcile their fate on Earth’s last days,” as described by Coleite.

Coleite’s past scripts would include writer duties for The River and Heroes, and it is said that the writer would take on a significant role in the making of the movie. Given the writer’s past works, “The End” is forecasted to have an “otherworldly” feel to it, given its overall encompassing theme.

Focusing on three separate storylines, “The End” features a diverse range of characters and character personalities, with a 16 year old girl and her boyfriend from Michigan, a man and his family based in Shanghai and a tenured veteran broadcaster hailing from London.

Details pertaining to production dates has yet been announced regarding the project, with the said rumors of Barrymore being pegged to be its director being the hottest topic involving the project.

“Whip It”, which came out in 2009 stands to be Barrymore’s first directed movie, and unlike Whip It, Barrymore won’t be starring in “The End”. Reports also note that Barrymore actually has other directorial projects waiting after the end, including Heist Society and How To Be Single, where Barrymore is said to be on-screen as well as off.