How Will You Ask Her For a Date?


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Some men find it hard to come over a girl and ask her for date due to fear of rejection. Some are even having difficulty in how they will approach a woman at all.   Dating is something intimate that you should think over before asking for it.  Preferably you shall only ask for a date if you want to know the girl better.

Start up by making yourself ready to ask the question. Communication is the key for this. You have to keep a good conversation with the girl letting her feel your intention impliedly. Remember that women trust their instinct. They can feel if you have interest with them.

Afterwards, find a perfect timing to ask. You may redirect the conversation about her current relationship status. In this case, it will be much easier to deliver the question if you could ask her for a date.

If you have some interests in common like movies, sports and others you make these as advantages. You may simply ask them if you both can watch movies together or if you can both watch football or basketball together.  Make those common interests as excuse to bring her on a date.