Henry Hopper’s Plight


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Henry Hopper may not be a name that inspires the image of a rapist and child molester, but as news about Dennis Hopper’s 21 year old son has been circulating, it appears that the name will be remembered for the acts.

Currently being sued by the mother of the alleged 16 year old rape victim, Hopper is in a tight bind, with the alleged victim claiming to have been molested and sodomized by the 21 year old.

Also accused of “playing” with the victim with amounts of alcohol and drugs, Hopper is noted to have “met” the girl via Facebook through a common friend, as indicated in a testimony by the alleged rape victim herself.

The alleged victim shares that the meet had initially happened in 2011, and that communication between Hopper and herself had been ongoing since, via Facebook. Hopper eventually invited the alleged rape victim to his home located in Venice, California, promising her some drinks and drugs as a “come on”.

Heading down to the house, the alleged rape victim says that after she was drunk, Hopper then got “engaged in sexually offensive conduct with her”, with acts of sexual intercourse, forced sodomy and forced oral copulation.

Though no specific police report had been filed by the alleged rape victim or by her mother, a lawsuit with the victim’s name redacted had been filed against Hopper. The alleged rape victim’s lawyer notes that Hopper had “preyed upon a young impressionable child” and noted that Hopper had been “repeatedly taking advantage of her youth and vulnerability.”

The alleged rape victim claims to have suffered several significant injuries, including injuries affecting her overall emotional health, which had been faltering due to the incident. She even goes as far as noting that she had to seek extensive mental health treatment in order to function on a day to day basis.

With no verifiable police report having been noted, the case is still under investigation by authorities, in an effort to ascertain the facts from fiction. Given Hopper’s position, questions pertaining to the factual reports pertaining to the case remains to be a top priority.