Escorts – Beyond Being Beauties


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It’s no secret that escorts and escort service providers are attractive men and women, whose physique and natural charms are an ascribed necessity given the industry they are engaged in.

But in line with that well established fact, escorts are not just “hot numbers” whose only assets are their looks.

Escorts are actually lovely companions to have, whose interests and hobbies, when matched with the right client, prove to be attributes which define memorable experiences that defy the predictable.

If you’re questioning what more escorts prove to offer, apart from their looks, here are some points that define escorts as companions who are beyond just being beauties.

Master Conversationalists

Escorts are masters in the art of conversation, standing to be a basic when a good time is being talked about.

Well versed in various topics, it has to be said that though escorts are adept with talking about anything under the sun, matching your interests with an escort’s will prove to be a good mix that would make your time with them worthwhile.

With most reputable escort service providers giving client the edge of choosing which escort they want to spend time with, picking out an escort whose looks and interests match with yours is a great move.

A twist to this “method” is also known to yield ideal matches, with some clients going for escorts whose interests and hobbies are opposite with that of an escort’s, with the concept of “filling in the gap” being the “method’s” operational dynamic.

However, the opinions and suggestions of an escort service provider regarding this twist is highly advised for most, since not all matches of this “method” is known to be perfect.

Adept Guides

A tour guide is one thing, but to have a beauty giving you your own private tour is a world in itself, one which will surely be a better experience unlike anything else.

Escorts, apart from being hired dates, can also be hired as tour guides, and given an escort’s hobbies and interests, would be in the know regarding where the best and most happening of places are.

If fine dining is your thing, an escort whose gastronomic fancies are as well tuned as yours would be best for you. If active sports is what you love to do, an escort with a penchant for active and engaging sports and activities would surely sate your expectations.

Bottom line, escorts are beauteous creatures who are sure to make jaunts and trips more memorable. But apart from just being beauties, they certainly are more than just “eye candy”, with active interests that will surely do wonders for you.