Escort Service Agencies


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When talking about escorts, the mention of escort service agencies is one which cannot be avoided, with many pegging the advantages and disadvantages of escort service agencies against independent escorts.

As their titles would already imply, an escort service agency is essentially a service oriented organization which has a number of escorts under their employ, working with a white list that filters escorts to be qualified to be part of their organization.

Independent escorts, simply put, are individual escorts who operate without the bounds and limitations set by established escort service agencies.

With independent escorts, clients directly set schedules and rates with the individual escort themselves, as opposed to escort service agencies, where clients have to communicate with the agency in calling for the services of a particular escort.

The Main Differences between the Two 

“Policing” the Ranks – with escort service agencies, clients are assured that the escorts they have hired ascribe to the rules and regulations stipulated by their escort service agency, standing as an assurance to clients that they are not left at the whims of an escort when spending time together.

Individual escorts, being independent operators, have their own say regarding limits and bounds.

Being “bounded” or being “free” with escorts can come as an edge or as a liability, and putting some thought into this is important when calling for the services of escorts/escort service agencies.

The “Time-Taxi” Aspect – escorts under the employ of escort service agencies tend to be mindful of the time, given the fact that they, as escorts, have an ongoing queue of clients. Independent escorts are also liable to be mindful of the time they spend with clients, but the difference between the two lies in how flexible they can be with time.

Since independent escorts are their own bosses, they are generally more flexible with the requests of clients. Escorts under the employ of escort service agencies, though wiling to accommodate the wishes of their clients, can’t just readily make decisions such as extending scheduled times.

The “Options” aspect – the thing about escort service agencies is that since they have a number of escorts, clients are more in a position to pick one which matches with them, personality wise. As it’s a given fact that escorts are certainly beauties to behold, not all beauties are personality matches for everyone, and given this, an independent escort, being all by himself/herself, limits the escort options of clients to only one.

As there are upsides in escort service agencies, there are also upsides with independent escorts. Taking the time to understand which is more important to you would help you decide over which is better in better experiencing the company of gorgeous escorts, to the tune of what you expect to experience with them.