Escort 101


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Escort 101 – Spotting a Reliable Escort Service Agency 

With the bullish boom of the escort service industry, concerns over finding a reliable escort service agency has recently become a top priority, given the many issues and woes known to hail from falling prey to the foolery of questionable or fraudulent organizations.

From fake online advertisements to issues related to identity theft, here are certain points which you should look into, in an effort to spot a reliable escort service agency that is worthy of your time and attention.

When it comes on online portals

Given the internet’s interactive benefits, a number of escort service agencies rely on online portals as a means of getting customers, as well as a convenient means in scheduling appointments and reservations.

But as convenient and as comprehensive most online portals developed by escort service agencies are, not all escort service agencies are liable to be truthful with their actual services and features, with a number posting fake advertisements, particularly with where their so called escorts are concerned.

Many have fallen prey to fake escort listings online, with questionable escort service agencies listing down a significant number of escorts (for example, 50 escorts under their employ), but only actually having 10 or fewer escorts within their ranks. A number of questionable escort service agencies are also known to post photos of beautiful and gorgeous women in online listings, with their actual escorts looking nothing like how their photos appear.

The best way to avoid questionable escort service agencies of this caliber would be to look into the consistency and straightforwardness of its online portal, with uniform quality photos being one reliable marker, as well as the presence of a “guest list” or a “forum discussion” function.

Though interactive channels, users could readily see what others have to say about the reputation of a given escort service agency.

When it comes to certifications/business/police forms

A legit escort service agency would have no problems with the authorities, and as such would have certifications, business forms and police forms handy, should a client request to see such documents.

With some escort service agencies going as far as posting images (either online, on print ads or in their offices) of their recognized permits and certifications, a client can be assured of an escort service agency’s legitimate operations, without having to worry about breaking the law.

Given the escort service industry’s close ties with prostitution, it pays to consider such permits before opting for the services of a particular escort service agency, with proper documents standing as assurances that you won’t easily get into trouble when you walk in their office.