Consider Dating With A Twist


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There are many different ways to go about finding a date. Thousands of places exist where one can meet someone and form a connection. It is even possible to sign up for one or more of thousands of online sites. One might even consider dating with a twist.

This refers to attending special events or using websites that match people based on a single shared interest or experience. For example, dog lovers can meet at a pet park. They may also find one another online at a website that matches people based on the type of dog they own. This could extend to the type of pet food they purchase or how often they take their pet to a vet. There are many different qualities pertaining to an interest in dogs that could be used to match people up for a date.

There is one website that matches couples based on facial characteristics. This puts people who resemble one another together. Granted, this is an odd criteria, but when one is looking for a new twist on a date, this is definitely a different way to find a mate.

One can even find a date based on a shared interest in certain types of music or artists. Surprisingly, this can actually be a good gauge of compatibility. After all, a heavy metal head banger is not likely to have a great deal in common with a die hard country music fan.

One of the best ways to put a twist into dating is to plan to participate in some specific activity, then find someone else who would like to participate as well. This can help to eliminate a lot of the awkwardness associated with meeting someone new. Both of you will be focused on the activity at hand while learning a little about one another.

Dating with a twist can certainly add a new dimension to the experience of meeting and getting to know someone. There are several different tactics one can try. There are many different websites that are devoted to matching up couples based on a single shared interest. These are somewhat more personal than the average generic dating site. Sometimes, couples brought together through shared interest in some esoteric category find that they form a stronger bond than those who are too much alike in all the generic categories.

One can also try speed dating with a twist. Here, all the participants in the event share a common interest and conversation is limited to topics surrounding this shared interest. This is more personal than most websites.