Caleche Ranae Manos and fiancée fight back


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In what can be described as the result of a case of mistaken identity, former Miss Nevada Caleche Ranae Manos recently filed a lawsuit against members of the Los Angeles County police force, over an incident which had happened in November.

What had happened then was that police officers raided the apartment of Manos, who was with her fiancée at the time. The couple was reportedly forced out of bed, with Manos being not decent during the incident.

Reportedly, the lawsuit filed by Manos notes that the search warrant which the officers then brandished was listed for a different apartment and not the one the couple was “caught” in. Also, the officers were said to have held Manos with brandished firearms, and were reported to have held her up for an extended period of time, given the fact that she was nude during the encounter.

This is not the first story that we hear of issues involving members of the police holding suspects or charged persons at gunpoint during odd moments, under the pretext that a suspect might cause bodily harm or injury or flee from the scene.

Given Manos position as a beauty title holder, it can be assumed that the officers could have been sating their “naked lady, eye-candy” fix during the encounter.

An excerpt from the filed lawsuit is quoted to note that “the sheriff deputies detained the plaintiffs and subjected them to a search and questioning, all while keeping the plaintiffs at gunpoint and treating them in a rough and rude fashion.”

It also quotes one of the deputies present during the incident to quip that Manos would “have a story to tell” in relation to the case of mistaken identity, one which proves to be a huge problem point for the deputy who said it if proven to be true.

False imprisonment, negligence, discrimination, sexual harassment and civil rights violations are among the grounds which Manos and her fiancée are suing the Los Angels County police force on.

No defined monetary claim figure has been disclosed in relation to the said lawsuit, but as things are, it appears that Manos and her fiancée are not likely to back down from seeing the said case though in court.