Bookings and Escort Miami Beach


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Though it is true that the internet is the best place to find your escort Miami Beach, there is a significant difference over how bookings and schedules are arranged between independent escorts and their clients.

With Escort Miami Beach agencies, the internet is still an active avenue where arrangements and schedules are conducted, but with independent escorts, bookings over the phone is preferred by most independent escorts.

Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

Online e-Mail-Driven Scams

With the increase of phishing practices and other scams, many independent escorts have ascribed to take bookings over the phone seriously than with bookings done over the net, with some not even entertaining any client schedule requests made online at all.

Though there are a significant number of escort agencies which also implement the same “rule”, the difference between escort service agencies and independent escort miami, with regards this aspect in the escort service industry, is that escort service agencies are more in the position to have email filters and other online safeguards that keep the proponents of scams and phishing practices away.

Independent escorts, who practically run their own escort miami service, don’t always have a IT person who deals with their IT concerns, thus their inclination in preferring bookings over the phone than those conducted over the internet.

Generally, independent escorts who advertise online only feature URLs to their portfolios, bio-data information and photos, with contact details limited to their mobile or landline-based numbers. Though some do advertise their email addresses, in most cases it’s the bookings that are done through the phone which take priority to them.

What if a client’s only communication option is through email?

Should a client’s only communication option is through email, there is still no harm in making schedule arrangements with escorts, provided that a client is clear and concise with an email’s content.

Independent escorts tend to be wary of emails which are vague, as well as email booking proposals which require the escort to pay for their own travel fare, to be reimbursed by the client when they get to meet up.

For those who prefer to arrange schedules via email, consider how clear your email is regarding your intentions, and don’t beat around the bush when you’re making arrangements.

This may not seem much, but a number of independent escorts have turned down booking proposals because of unclear or questionable emails, and should you be intent on hiring a particular escort miami via email, take note that independent escorts will be on their guard with your authored letters.