Best Seafood Restaurant in Miami for August 2012


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If you happen to be wondering where the best place is to celebrate with the company of your Miami escort, the best seafood restaurant in Miami for August 2012 is a promising location, one which you won’t only get to enjoy the most perfect takes of seafood culinary creations, but also experience the opulent high of having a gorgeous woman with you.

With its diverse range of culture-specific culinary destinations, to its distinct and unique seafood specialty houses, here are the best seafood restaurants in Miami for August 2012.

Drop by any of these venues, and you and your escort will certainly be in for smashing treats.

Joe’s Stone Crab – Considered as one of the more endearing fixtures in Miami’s culinary landscape, Joe’s Stone Crab has been around for a long time, standing proud as a venue where seafood is served best.

With its regular clientele of Miami’s famous and elite, the venue is still a well-frequented one, even without implementing a reservation standard in accommodating customers. Highlighting a diverse range of seafood creations, Joe’s Stone Crab also features select poultry specials, stone crabs and lobster menus, impressive steaks and more.

Established in 1913, Joe’s Stone Crabs is one year shy of celebrating its centennial year, a fact that stands as a testament on the quality which one can expect from the venue.

Captain Jim’s Seafood – Proudly standing in line with Miami’s fabled seafood venue legends, Captain Jim’s Seafood is famous for its take on fried oysters, matched with the culinary specialties it delivers with Yellowtail Snappers.

Its grouper sandwich may not exactly sound as appealing as its name would describe it, but the special stands to reinforce Captain Jim’s Seafood’s reputation, along with its special crab salad.

Gaining traction in unofficially holding the title for having the “best seafood specials in Miami”, Captain Jim’s Seafood maintains its standing with impressive and diverse menu offers that bear their own inherent Captain Jim’s Seafood trademark.

Often described as “laid back and fresh”, the only thing that’s pegged as a “con” to Captain Jim’s Seafood is its location, with many saying it could do better if it were to set up shop in another district.

That said, Captain Jim’s Seafood stands to be a gem that is yet to be “discovered” as a high class venue, one where everyone is truly laid back, and all that it has to serve is fresh as they had been harvested from the sea.