Best Bars in Miami for August 2012


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As Miami continues to be the world’s mecca for engaging and exiting daytime and nightlife entertainment destinations, the best bars in Miami for August 2012 proudly stand in heralding and living up to that title, with unique and classic endearing features that define superior bars from the rest.

From bars showcasing regularly hosted drinking games, to bars in Miami that is all about spending a relaxed evening of healthy fun and good conversation, here are some of the best bars in Miami for August 2012.

Mr Moe’s Restaurant & Bar – Though far from being the Moe’s Tavern frequented by Homer Simpson, Mr Moe’s Restaurant & Bar has made a name for itself as a “watering hole”, sporting a classic cabin-type feel as its primary interior’s theme.

Practically walking distance from the University of Miami, Mr Moe’s Restaurant & Bar is famed for its take on drinks, including Lemon Drops, Jager Bombs and more.

With August’s ongoing Olympic fever, the venue is also hosting its own Beer Olympics, and for those how wish to take on old-school arcade games, those fancies can be done in Mr. Moe’s Restaurant & Bar.

Tavern in the Grove – Primed as a “college bar”, the game antics showcased in the comedy classic “Animal House” are mainstay attractions in Tavern in the Grove, with students from the University of Miami often found playing rounds of beer pong or simply hanging out with brews on hand.

With an ample space for a healthy game of darts, Tavern in the Grove readily makes reliving one’s college days easy, with innovative drinking games and intense bar-scene parties.

Lush South Beach – For those who are more inclined to relax in a rocker-friendly venue, Lush South Beach has a lot to offer, with its in-house pool tables and its regular beer pong games.

The venue also has its own stripper pole for those who’re into the “dark dive scene”, and stands to be a melting pot where regulars and Miami tourists get to mingle and interact.

Billy’s Pub Too – Though not exactly a venue which one could call as a must go tourist attraction, Billy’s Pub Too is one frequented bar in Miami, with students from Barry University often found spending most of their free time inside.

Complete with its old-school jukebox, pool tables and a dartboard, Billy’s Pub too also highlights a foosball table, along with a beer pong table as its featured in-bar “distractions”.

A no frills venue, it is a popular choice for buddy hangouts or night-out dates with the girls.