Barton G Restaurant – Culinary Magic and Imagination Redefined


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Proudly standing as the flagship venue of Barton G’s Restaurant Division, Barton G Restaurant on West Avenue, Miami Beach continues to be one of the most famous and most frequented of Barton G Restaurant brands.

With over the top presentations and the ascribed reinvention of favorite American cuisine mainstays, Barton G Restaurant on West Avenue is one of the three known Barton G line of dining venues, with The Villa by Barton G and Prelude by Barton G being the other two.

As a whole, the Barton G brand is intent in redefining imaginations and in crafting culinary magic, with all its established reputation and experience in redefining traditional standards to newer, more engaging possibilities.

The Barton G Brand

Originally founded by Barton G Weiss in 1993, the Barton G brand is unique in its combined operations as an events production and management firm and an off-site catering service provider, with three restaurants managed and maintained by the organization itself, along with the management of The Villa by Barton G as a hotel.

Famed for its standards on luxurious interiors and furnishings, Barton G’s take on culinary creations are also equally held in high regard among masters of the culinary field, which stands as an edge hailing from Barton G’s more than 450 manpower of specially trained artists, events managers, craftsmen and more.

Barton G, the Restaurant

As a master in the art of environmental transformations, Barton G extends his expertise into Barton G Restaurant, with its virtuoso aesthetics merged with exciting and engaging culinary artistry.

As a standard bearer in Miami’s culinary landscape, Barton G Restaurant effectively combines the past with the present, with the current location of Barton G Restaurant formerly known as Gatti’s, one of Miami’s legendary dining venues which first opened its doors in 1925.

Maintaining the classic interiors which had made Gatti’s the legendary landmark that it was (and still is), Barton G Restaurant continues to evoke the grace of timeless elegance to new diners, cutting no slack or sparing no room for the cut and dry standards which is often met in most dining destinations.

With a diverse selection of entrees, main dishes, salads, soups and desserts, Barton G Restaurant consistently lives up to its “culinary magic” ascription, with featured specials made to suit the tastes of gourmets and gourmands from all walks of life.

If fine dining in Miami is at the top of your list, Barton G Restaurant stands to be one venue you cannot afford to miss.