Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach


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Bamboo Night Club in Miami Beach is considered to be a relatively young age, many have come to question if it stands to be a superstar in the making, or a train wreck about to happen.

With Miami’s nightlife scene known for being “fickle”, it is difficult to tell if Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach promises the chance to be an epic win or an epic fail, but as it is, Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach is adamant in making its mark.


Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach

With its operational concept noted to have hailed from Romania, Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach managed to open its doors in time for the Winter Music Conference earlier held this year.

Located in Washington Avenue, Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach is positioned for luxury nightclub experiences, with its interiors gilded with crystal chandeliers.

With its stage doing what many have come to describe as “Transformer Shit”, Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach’s stage comes with a full array of LEDs, and can rotate and do all sorts of transformations. It DJ booths are also “transformers” on their own, which can move around in different areas of the club, accomplished through advanced hydraulics and mechanisms.

Sporting its “It’s your stage” tag line, Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach is primed as a club where you can either go and see a “show”, or become the “show”, per se.



With all its features and highlights, there is one gripe that many avid clubbers have come to ask about Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach – it does not have a dedicated dance floor.

With VIP table seatings on its first level and second level, there is no room for lacking with where comfortable seating is concerned with Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach. But as dance floors have been pivotal mainstays in club venues and locations in Miami, the question raised over its future is linked with this aspect of the new venue.


But as it continues to reinvent itself, the chance of Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach coming to showcase its own dance floor is one that can’t be ignored, given the venue’s large space, which is a credit to its name, given how limited space has become in Washington Ave.

Bringing the Romanian concept of clubbing may not exactly be the kingmakers of ultimate clubbing experiences, but as it is, Bamboo Night Club Miami Beach highlights its unique take on night club experiences, where party-goers could privately and openly party on within their company at the same time.