Anatomy of Dating and Relationships


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The anatomy of dating and relationships is rather complicated but not that hard to understand just a long as you exactly know the reason why you are dating that person and what kind of relationship you want to establish with that person.  Dating is a social thing; you can date friends, relative, and yes especially someone significant to you.  The moment someone say dating and relationships – now there is a different ring to it.

When finding a potential partner, people date to see if they can take it to the next level with that person and establish a romantic relationship or something platonic.  Dating someone does not necessarily mean that you will end up together.  It could be that he found something interesting in you and you might have seen something peculiar in him, in short you date because you want to know more about that person.

Basically dating is a getting-to-know-you phase in a relationship.  If one of you thinks that you won’t “click” then the relationship will end up in friendship or simply acquaintances.  The party who was shot by cupid might try some drastic move to turn it into a romantic or love relationship.  Dating and relationships are two words that might not have any relation at all if taken one at a time but together they can start something else.