Adult Dating Sites – Can We Trust Them?


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With the popularity of the net, propelled by social networks and their incarnations, linking up with other people based on common interests and activities have become easy and convenient, simply requiring an internet connection and a device that is capable of going online.

Adult dating sites are among the most frequently visited “common interest” sites, a venue where liberal minded singles (and even married couples) can find others like them.

But as popular as adult dating sites are, can we really trust them?

Based on a poll conducted in 2007 initiated by, there are dating sites out there which we can trust, but most are not worthy of giving any second thought.

Taking in the responses of 313 respondents, 122 of that 313 said no, dating sites are not reliable or trustworthy. 134 responded that they are not all that sold with the concept of dating sites, given previous negative experiences in relation to them.

Only 57 of the 313 shared their trustworthy sentiments for dating sites.

However precise or inaccurate the poll is, the fact remains that though there are adult dating sites out there which are not the most reliable, there are actually a few adult dating sites which we can trust.

It’s just a question of knowing which ones are trustworthy.

One way to tell would be to consider a particular dating site’s tendency for malware or hidden malicious programs. Your computer’s antivirus software should be able to detect any malware threats before they attack your system, and should you encounter an adult dating site with lots of malware, then it’s a sure bet that that site isn’t worth your trust or time.

Consider this: if an adult dating site is serious, then it should take active interest in securing its site, and not let malware and trojans roam freely, in and out.

Another way to know if an adult dating site can be trusted or not would be to look into its forum/message boards, and see the posts and content being posted by members. Looking into a forum thread would tell much about the types of persons active in the group, and should you encounter a lot of advertising, it’s another sure bet that the site’s webmaster/forum moderator is not doing his/her job.

Bottom line, if an adult dating site appears to be lax with security and irrelevant posts, then it says a lot about how complacent its proponents are about its intent and purposes.

After all, the philosophy of “repeat business” has to be given consideration for any adult dating site to be hailed as trustworthy.