A Different Kind of Date – Dating Escorts


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If you are determined to find the perfect girl as your dream date in Miami, you may want to avail of the services of escorts. Now this is not your usual dating experience but one thing’s for sure, it will be the most exciting you’ll ever have.

What’s great about dating escorts is that this woman knows exactly how to make you feel good. You don’t need to worry about how you can have a good time because she knows exactly how to make this happen. You might have to pay more for this special date but hey, if it will give you a fantastic experience, why should you say no to it?


Any reputable website will have clear pictures for the galleries of each escort featured on the site. Some websites even have pictures of them naked and their faces without any blurring. In Miami, escorts come from all corners of the globe. The most expensive escorts, however, are all extremely desirable, no matter what your particular taste in women may be.

For the most part, the elite among the escorts all tend to look young, fresh and slim. Of course, they also look at least 21 because they actually are at least 21 years of age, so that the night doesn’t end up ruined by getting her arrested for “illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor”—or worse, by getting you arrested for “illegally consorting with a minor.”

Though reputable escorts websites based in Miami will never guarantee sexual services to skirt local morality statutes, at the very least they will guarantee that the escort who comes to you is the same woman whose pictures attracted your notice and your patronage. That means that each Miami escorts presented herself to the head office of the agency, so that agency’s management can confirm that the escort is indeed well-represented by the pictures featured on the website.


The profile may also include other small details that may be of some importance to you. For example, if the presence of tattoos on her body is appealing—or distasteful—to you, it would be nice if the website includes this information. Some clients like to gaze into a woman’s eyes, and the colour of her eyes should be included in the profile as well. She may also indicate if she is not a smoker.

Curiously, though the site may be explicit in its protestations that no sexual services are actually offered, most profiles include descriptions of the escorts sexual preferences. For example, she may include the fact that she is bi-sexual, which would mean that she would be open to dates with women as well as men. It may even mean that she may find it exciting to have a date with a couple, especially if your girlfriend or wife is open to this sort of adventure.

Prices and Availability

There are also other factors which may decide if a particular escort is right for you. Escorts profiles often includes rates, and the best ones will charge at least seven or eight hundred dollars per hour for her company. Some escorts charge even a lot more. If an escort’s rates are way beyond your budget, move on to the next profile page immediately. Escorts rates are set in stone, especially for the first three hours or so. Those three hours will decide if she really likes you, and extending a date may be possible for somewhat less if her attraction to you is considerable.

The right escort will be the one whose looks are immensely attractive to you, whose tastes and preferences match yours, and who may have some time to spare for you. Once you find this dream girl, you can easily turn your fantasies into reality.

Well, are you ready to experience a different kind of date? All you need to get started is a computer and an Internet connection. Brace yourself for the date of a lifetime!